14kWh Coral SB14A Smart Battery System

14kWh Coral SB14A Smart Battery System

MPN: BT3022
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14kWh Coral SB14A Smart Battery System
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Coral 14kWh Smart Battery System from Pika Energy

Coral SB14A is a AGM Smart Battery System from Pika Energy. It has 14kWh of usable energy with industry-leading simplicity and features. Coral is the first safe and affordable smart battery module designed specifically for clean backup power. The Coral Smart Battery is the safe, powerful companion to the Pika Energy Island system for easier than ever build grid-connected solar-plus-storage systems.

Key Features:

  • Fully-wired cabinet with internal power electronics
  • Affordable and safe energy storage solution using reliable, maintenance-free deep-cycle batteries
  • Ideal for clean, quiet and affordable backup power
  • Rust-proof aluminum enclosure
  • Powered by the REbus™ DC Nano-grid for seamless integration with the Pika Energy Island
  • Black-start capability and giant capacity for extended outages
  • Switch to 100% solar power when you install a Harbor Smart Battery
  • Automatically optimize your energy consumption and take advantage of new time of use rate structures
  • Produce and use your own solar energy, even when net-metering or feed-in is not an option
  • DC coupled design eliminates needless and lossy power conversions common in other systems
  • A single battery can take on cost-saving and backup power roles simultaneously


    Battery Voltages : 12 Volt
    Cell Type: AGM Deep Cycle
    Dimensions: 38 x 26 x 31 inches
    MPN: BT3022
    Peak Efficiency : 99%
    Voltage: 12V
    Weight: Unloaded ± 130, Loaded ±1300
    C/20 Capacity: 14kWh
    Certifications: Please Check Datasheet
    Max Output (Battery) Current: 30 Amp
    Operating Temperature: -5 to 40 °C
    SKU: BT-SB14A
    Warranty: 10 Years

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