Foldable Solar Panels for RV Adventure Tripping !

Nature offers beauty and sunlight in abundance. Thus, when it comes to revitalizing the mind and body or making sustainable use of resources, the environment and sunlight are the ultimate resort! Across the country, there are more than 18,000 camping sites, including but not limited to, The Great Smoky Mountains, Yosemite National Park, and Yellowstone National Park. The camping sites offer breathtaking views, sweat-breaking outdoor activities, and delightful time with family and friends. Thus, let’s discuss how people like to travel on camping trips.

Traveling To The Campsite In An RV

As the name suggests, a Recreational Vehicle(RV) is the travelers’ paradise when willing to camp. It provides enough space to accommodate some wild-wild-friends who can accompany you on adventure trips. Thus, it is safe to say that camping and RV vehicles go along like peanut butter and jelly!

A study by Statista suggests that 41.67% of the citizens went on camping adventures in 2018. An annual survey by the RV Industry Association finds that 88% of RV owners plan to use their vehicles as much or more than they did last year.

Where’s The Fuel?

Parking an RV in the wilderness and setting up a camp, building a fire, or preparing a barbeque sounds incredible. However, would you want to burn lots of fuel (gas or diesel) for charging the electronic devices? If your answer is a resounding NO, then we have the most precious solution for you!

Since the campfire won’t help charge your laptop, action camera, mobile phone, and other electronic gadgets, you might want to invest in a Foldable solar Panel for your RV.

Online Sale_Foldable Solar Panels

Foldable Solar panels (AKA solar suitcases or solar blankets) are easy to transport, and built-in stands make them capable of on-the-go installation. Like any traditional home solar system, ‘solar suitcases’ help convert the sunlight into DC electricity. The lighting of a foldable solar panel does not deviate from that of a traditional panel. Thus, the installation is a lot easier for those who can pull off a home solar installation!

What Are The Installation Essentials?

As we stress that a foldable solar panel system isn’t different from your traditional solar system, know that it needs similar equipment and accessories. To complete the RV solar installation, you’ll need panel(s), electrical wires, solar battery, and solar inverter. However, when traveling, you may not carry a bulky battery and inverter set when camping away from the RV’s parking spot.

The Solution Is Right Around The Corner!

The combination of a foldable Solar Panel and a portable solar generator is what you’ll need to never run out of power during the travel. A portable generator comes with an inbuilt solar battery and an inverter. Portable generators are easy to carry around, and depending on the manufacturer, they provide several charging ports for electrical devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

Go Wild, Not Powerless!

Camping in the wilderness sounds fun, well, lots of fun! Albeit, it is vital to ensure the safety of co-travelers and oneself when undertaking adventure camping. Having a foldable solar panel makes it possible to keep the essential devices from shutting down.