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Collection: Commercial On Grid

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About Commercial On Grid

There is no hard-and-fast rule we can say that this inverter is commercial or not. But to simplify the lengthy product line-up we classified that, from 10kW and above we considered inverters as commercial. But again, if your residential requirement is below 10kW please click here to find the right product.  SolarMyPlace has a long list of commercial inverters that start as small as 10kW to 100kW. We have both single-phasethree-phase solar inverters that can all be on-grid inverter systems.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Commercial Solar Inverter

  • Check with your solar system that is On-Grid or Off-Grid
  • Choose the right capacity in KW
  • Check the available phase that is Single Phase or Three Phase
  • Check the safety certification of the inverter
  • Knowing the power rating & the surge
  • Peak power & typical power considerations

Major Brands for Commercial Solar Inverter: