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Collection: Solar Utilities

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About Solar Utilities

Technology in Solar Utilities is gradually progressing towards a green solution to mitigate the enormous dearth of energy resources. Accessibility to renewable and sustainable power sources such as Solar Power can solve this problem. The growth in solar energy consumption is seeing an uprise curve in the US market. With its various features, it is catering to the greater need of various work and home spaces. Solar Utilities brings you some of the new exciting products that will change your outdoor experiences.

Solar Workstation

Solar Energy is a new and revolutionary solution to our depleting energy resources in the world. Work-space requires various power-grids to ensure enhanced technological utilities. Solar workstation is an innovative solution for better utilization of outer space. The solar power generation grids are embedded in the design of the canopy shaped concrete bench, culminating into a product known as Solar Workstation. The four different designs of this product are Campus XL, Momentum, Velocity and Dash. These products come with 8 USB ports and 4 120-volt power outlets. The product is restive to adverse weather conditions. They are ideal as a charging station for cell phones, docking of multiple smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices. Features like LED Lighting Fixtures, WiFi and Qi chargers make this product a very useful and handy device. Solar workstation enhances business and ensures an environmentally complementary solution to the economy. Basking under the sun and breathing fresh air you create innovation for the world using modern-day technology, is indeed a dream come true.

Solar Charge Station

The solar charge station is an eco-friendly and sustainable energy product catering to the needs of outdoor charging portability. The product comes in 3 different variants

  • Solar charging Bench
  • Solar charging Pole
  • Solar canopy Bench

It services mostly covers different outer space area like university campuses, parks, commercial and business hubs.


  • Smart Urban Park projects- Urban park spaces are installed with Solar Charge Stations to enable your usage of electronic devices in an efficient and eco-friendly manner using solar energy.
  • Commercial and Business use- These pole charging stations and bench charging stations provides the portability of using electronic devices in outer spaces without using conventional electric sources. University campuses, Business hubs use such products to utilize space blending work enhancement and power consumption 


The solar charging station ensures 24/7 electricity availability as  its accessibility of power source is in abundance. It has easy public accessibility as mostly installed in outer space. Solar poles and solar benches have balanced space utilization.



Solar power products enables less power consumption and an eco-friendly device to be used in outer space. The sustainability of these products ensures long term benefits for personal use as well as environmental use.

Solar Security Camera

The solar security camera reinvented new and better techniques to fight vandalism. This product is commonly used for security and surveillance of properties in society. The solar panel equipped device doesn't require any electricity grid or chargeable ports and has a running back up for 3 days. This device is environmentally safe and also energy efficient reducing your electricity consumption. This solar surveillance camera is designed to satisfy the upgraded technical nerds as it has a voluptuous storage space and is controlled by remotes and motion detectors. It has a 2W solar panel enabling 1000LM LED lighting capacity. It has motion sensing capabilities and can be easily monitored by remotes. The camera’s angle sways at 105 degrees viewing angle. This product comes with a warranty period of 2 years. The product is easy to install and also comes with wifi connectivity making it an efficient camera tool. Thus, making your home or building security a smart and efficient choice.