Know Your Solar: Net Metering

The Solar industry has attracted a lot of heads and impressed the most adamant of people into admitting that, yes, solar can bring energy-independence. Solar is one of the most sustainable energy sources, and it should be the backbone of the modern economy. 

To reap the benefits of our solar installation, you must be aware of Net metering.  Any solar installation that comes under the security of Net Metering is eligible or a rebate. 

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What is Net-Metering?

Net-metering is a billing system that gives credit to the solar-system owner for adding electricity to the grid. For instance, a household consumes less power during the day and produces more. This extra electricity goes back to the grid, and the owner of the solar system gets the benefits. On average, 20-40% of the solar system’s output goes to the grid(SEIA).

In general, a 10KW residential solar installation will save you an estimated $10 to $40 per month. Now, this net-metering can take place in either household solar installation or community solar installations. The customer sells the excess generated electricity back to the grid and get a rebate in their utility bills. The tariffs on net-metering policies vary from state-to-state. 

“Net metering is a  fair credit for the valuable investment in local clean energy that benefits us all,” said Briana Kobor of Vote Solar. “A fair study of costs and benefits will confirm that local, homegrown solar energy provides real benefits and deserves fair compensation.” [Sic.]

6 Benefits of Net-Metering

Gives back control

Net-metering gives the control of the customer’s utility bill back into his hands where he can decide how much his utility bill will be. 

Creates jobs

Net-metering increases the demand for solar energy, which in turn increases the jobs in the sector. 

Protects the grid 

Net-metering ensures that there is not much pressure on the electrical grid by supplying much-needed energy. 

Helps Limit carbon footprint 

Net Metering renders the electric system more resilient and reliable than before. By promoting the solar installation, it allows using wastelands. A significant benefit of net metering is that it helps limit our carbon footprint. 

Easy and Inexpensive

As the necessity of batteries to store the excess charge alleviates with net metering security, it can help run a solar installation in a tight budget. The extra electricity can transfer to the utility grid. 

Helps ensure energy back-up

With net metering, solar installation owners do not have to spend on power back-ups. The utility serves as the back-up, thus eliminating the need for a noisy generator.

The only problem with Net Metering 

Net metering is an extensive policy that offers benefits for a  greener environment and a stronger economy. Yet, not all the sectors of the country stand in its support. Many utility power suppliers still oppose Net Metering systems as they pose a threat to the revenue generation of the utilities. 

Net metering allows solar power owners to sell the extra electricity to the grids, which creates a healthy competition. Yet, many utilities claim that net metering hampers a customer’s choice-making process by directing them towards the use of sustainable energy sources. 

Solar installations have enumerated benefits; thus, it is of utmost importance that solar gets the attention and support it needs to flourish. As a community, we must ensure that Solar surpasses the divided philosophies and growing power demands for the greater good. 

Communities Bloom/Empower When Policies Prevail

Solar Sprouts When Policies Prevail

We had come a long way from 1979 when Massachusetts became the first state to use ‘net-metered’ connections on two buildings with solar installations. Over the past decade, most of the states pan America have adopted and mandated the Net Metering system. 

Even though utility providers see the Net Metering System as an evil policy that cuts down on their income, it is the evil that we need as a community. Industry associations across the country and independent organizations like Vote Solar are at the forefront when it comes to leading the community towards a cleaner, greener, and energy-efficient future. 

Nonetheless, know that significant changes are only possible when communities encore for best policies in unison. American households and industries are making their way towards becoming energy-independent. It is time now that you support solar and take a step towards reducing carbon emissions. 

If you wish to know about topics on Solar that interest and puzzle you at the same time, come back and read our blogs. There is a lot that solar has to offer, and it is always better to know a technology before using it!