Why should you Choose Solar Energy?

The sun is a 4.603 billion years old dwarf star. It is a massive source of energy, and all life on earth revolves around it. The use of Solar technology for the welfare and well being of human society dates backs to the 7th century. We have come a long way through since we first started to harvest the Solar Energy. From harnessing the sun’s energy using a magnifying glass, (for killing ants, building fire, etc. ) to using the Solar Power to operate giant electronic machines! 

Solar energy is one of many other renewable energy sources that help conserve the earth’s climate. However, over the millions of years of our existence on earth, we have caused a heavy damage to the earth’s environment. Constant consumption of fossil fuels has lead us to a point of no return. The only way to prevent any further damage is to make the shift to cleaner and greener alternatives of energy.

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This takes us to 5 reasons why we (all of us!) should switch to solar energy:

Abundance of Solar Energy

The sun has enough fuel that it will provide energy to the earth (and other planets) for about 5 billion years from now. Employing Solar Energy to operate modern machines and devices is a smarter alternative over fossil fuel.

Solar Energy is a cleaner form of energy

The use of Solar Power will reduce our carbon footprint.

Since 1751 approximately 374 billion metric tonnes of carbon have been released to the atmosphere from the consumption of fossil fuels and cement production. (Sic.)

The actual process of harnessing Solar Power does not emit CO2. In comparison with other (non-renewable) forms of energy, harnessing Solar Energy is a cleaner alternative.

Solar Energy will save you Dollar$

Harnessing Solar Power with an on-grid Solar Power module is a cost-efficient alternative. As you transfer the extra electricity to the utility grid, you become eligible for the Investment Tax Credit. (ITC)

Independence from costly utility grid electricity

By deploying an off-grid Solar Power modules at homes and offices, you will no longer have to depend on the utility grid to meet your daily electricity needs.

Solar Farms Increase Employment

Solar Power farms are set up on vast wastelands far away from cities and capitals of many countries. Setting up such huge plants requires manpower. Also, an increase in the number of Solar Power Modules leads to a hike in the manufacturing of solar power equipment. Hence, Solar Power generates large scale employment. 

With this last point, we have come to the end of this list. Now, it is your time to sit back and recall these benefits. Dig deeper to find out more about Solar Power Tax Credits and utility providers in your locality. If setting up a solar power module seems a big leap to make, try going green with smaller versions like solar-powered lights and solar water heaters. Move towards Solar Power Modules at your will, however, make sure that you do, because the earth needs your support.