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Collection: Mono Crystalline

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About Mono Crystalline

A mono-crystalline solar cell is created from a single continuous crystal structure. It is one of the most efficient solar cells among three (mono, poly & thin-film) cell types. A mono-crystalline panel can be identified from the solar cells which all appear as a single flat black color. 

Its construction:

The mono-crystalline cell is cut to form single crystalline silicon also known as an ingot. The ingot of solid crystal silicon that is formed is then finely sliced and what is known as a silicon wafer. This is then made into a cell.

The results in large cylindrical ingots. Four sides are cut out of the ingots to make silicon wafers. A significant amount of the original silicon ends up as waste.

Its Advantages:

  • High-Efficiency Rate (up to 22.5% under STC)
  • Space Efficient, since the yield is high, thus requires less area per wattage. 
  • Have a long life-time
  • The performance of solar is good at high temperatures


The mono-crystalline solar panel is quite expensive as compare to other types of solar panels. But with high production & the price is coming down significantly is the last few years.

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