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Collection: Solar Lights

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    About Solar Lights

    Today, the world faces a dire need of measures and methods that can help mitigate the drastic climatic changes. While many of the logical citizens of the world are opting for clean energy, it is more important to focus on how to use the energy. Here we have curated a range of efficient solar lights that are ideal for both residential and commercial use. Choosing a solar light from this collection will allow making mindful and efficient use of the solar energy that your solar power module generates.


    What are Solar Lights?

    Like any other lighting fixture, (bulb, tube, lamp, etc.) Solar lights are what you will use to light-up an area when it's dark. What is different with solar lights is that they work on solar energy and not your regular grid electricity. By solar energy, we mean to say that these lights will work on the power produced by solar panels.

    Present-day solar lights use LED chips because of various benefits. One of the most significant reasons behind using LED chips in solar lights is that they consume very little energy to provide maximum lumen output. (brightness)


    How do solar lights work?

    Solar lights will work like any other lighting fixture in a residential or commercial property. An input voltage will be needed to illuminate the lights. The input voltage, in case of a solar light, will come from in the form of electricity produced by a solar panel. 

    Since you'll most likely need the lights during the day time (unless speaking of indoor lighting), the solar lights will take an input voltage from a battery that stores the current produced by a solar panel during the day-time.


    Can you use these solar lights without having a solar power module?

    Of course. If you do not have a pre-installed solar power module at your home or office, you can still use our solar lights. The solar lights in our collection come with an adequate solar panel and battery system. The solar panel that comes with the light will harness the solar energy day and store it in the attached battery, in the form of usable electricity. When needs are, you can switch the lights on and off.

    This collection has both indoor solar lights as well as outdoor solar light that you can choose. Many lights in the collection come with a PIR sensor that will allow them to sense any motion in the surroundings. The motion sensor makes sure that the light turns on when people are around and off when there is no one in its vicinity.


    Where can you use our solar lights?

    Our collection has solar lights for both indoor and outdoor locations. The outdoor solar lights are ideal for use in porches, gardens, parking lots, and other residential/ commercial areas. The indoor lights are suitable for use in living rooms, hallways, entertainment rooms, and other residential spaces.