Fortress Power Avalon Smart Whole-Home Backup system ESS

Fortress Power Avalon Smart Whole-Home Backup system ESS

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    The Avalon High Voltage Energy Storage System (ESS) from Fortress Power offers a comprehensive whole-home energy management and backup solution. It comprises three essential components: the Avalon Smart Energy Panel (SEP), Avalon HV Hybrid Inverter (PCS), and Avalon HV BMS and Battery pack (BMS/Battery). The Fortress Installer/Homeowner Mobile Application (APP) allows users to easily control and monitor the system from their mobile devices.

    Designed for both indoor and outdoor settings, the Avalon ESS features wall-mount designs for the SEP and Hybrid Inverter, while the Battery pack is floor/ground mountable. The Battery pack's compact footprint and stackable battery module ensure efficient use of space. The system has undergone rigorous evaluation per UL9540a large-scale fire for parallel Battery packs, ensuring safety with adequate spacing.

    The Avalon ESS integrates multiple power sources (grid, PV, battery, generator, etc.) and manages power consumption with precision. This capability minimizes the need for wiring changes to the Main Panel while providing comprehensive whole-home backup. The system can be customized with an SEP and multiple Battery pack and Hybrid Inverter unit combinations, all of which are part of the UL9540 listing.

    Please note that power cables to/from the three system components and some circuit breakers in the SEP are not included. Installers should be prepared to create the necessary cables and source the breakers according to the specific system design. Communication cables are provided to facilitate installation.

    Features of the Fortress Power App

    The Fortress Power App simplifies the setup and operation of the energy storage system. It provides intuitive visualizations of power flow and offers configurable options for managing energy usage during blackouts. With the app, users can easily monitor and control their system, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

    Visualized Power Flow
    The Fortress Power App presents users with an easy-to-understand visualization of how power flows through their system. This visual representation eliminates confusion and helps users make informed decisions about their energy usage.

    Configurable Energy Usage
    The Avalon High Voltage Energy Storage System allows users to take control of their energy usage during blackouts. The system can automatically shed loads when the battery is low, preserving power for critical devices. Users can also configure the system to automatically turn loads back on when the battery is charged.

    Specifications of the Avalon Inverter
    The Avalon Inverter offers flexible design options with 7.6kW or 11.4kW output capacities. It features four maximum power point trackers (MPPTs) for efficient energy harvesting and can be AC or DC coupled. The inverter also includes an integrated module level rapid shutdown transmitter for enhanced safety.

    Avalon Smart Energy Panel Overview
    The Avalon Smart Energy Panel is a key component of the Avalon High Voltage Energy Storage System. It intelligently manages large loads in the house, eliminating the need for a separate emergency panel or transfer switch. The panel also features LED indicators for system status and supports up to 3 Avalon HV hybrid inverters, providing backup for the entire home.

    Conclusion: The Easiest Whole-Home Backup Solution
    The Fortress Power Avalon High Voltage Series offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for whole-home backup. With its innovative design, intuitive app, and advanced features, the Avalon High Voltage Energy Storage System ensures a reliable and efficient backup power supply for your home.


    1. Complete Backup System: The Avalon HV ESS provides a comprehensive backup solution for your entire home, ensuring that critical devices remain powered during outages.

    2. User-Friendly App: The Fortress Power App simplifies setup and operation, allowing users to easily monitor and control their energy storage system.

    3. Visual Power Flow: The app provides a visualrepresentation of power flow, making it easier for users to understand and manage their energy usage.

    4. Configurable Energy Usage: Users can control their energy usage during blackouts, automatically shedding loads to preserve power for essential devices.

    5. Scalable Storage Capacity: The system's storage capacity is scalable up to 78.33kWh, providing flexibility to meet varying energy needs.

    6. Space-Saving Design: The stackable, ultra-thin design allows for easy installation and logistics, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    7. Efficient Energy Harvesting: The system features four MPPTs for maximum efficiency, ensuring optimal energy harvesting from solar panels.

    8. Advanced Safety Features: Integrated module level rapid shutdown transmitter and other safety features ensure safe operation.

    The Fortress Power Avalon High Voltage Series introduces a cutting-edge energy storage system designed for seamless integration into residential settings. The Avalon High Voltage Energy Storage System is a comprehensive solution comprising a hybrid inverter, high-voltage battery, and a smart energy panel. This innovative approach ensures a reliable and efficient energy backup system for your entire home. 


    Technical Specifications

    **Avalon High Voltage Energy Storage System**

    - Combines hybrid inverter, high-voltage battery, and smart energy panel
    - All-in-one, whole-home backup system
    - Indoor/outdoor installation
    - Storage capacity scalable up to 78.33kWh
    - Stackable, ultra-thin space-saving design
    - 4 MPPTs for maximum efficiency (max 18.24 kW PV array)
    - AC or DC Coupled with 200A pass-through & grid transfer switch
    - Smart load management to control up to 12 circuits


    **Avalon Inverter**

    - 7.6kW or 11.4kW inverter
    - 4 MPPTs for maximum efficiency (max 18.24 kW PV array)
    - AC or DC coupled for flexible design and retrofitting
    - Integrated module level rapid shutdown transmitter

    **Energy Storage**

    - Battery voltage range: 120-500 V
    - Maximum charge/discharge current: 50 A
    - Battery communication: CAN/RS485


    - PV max. efficiency: 97.6%
    - PV CEC efficiency: 97.2%
    - Battery charged by PV max. efficiency: 98.5%
    - Battery charged/discharged to AC max. efficiency: 97.0%


    - Ground fault detection
    - Residual (leakage) current detection
    - Integrated AFCI (DC arc-fault circuit protection)
    - DC reverse-polarity protection (PV only)
    - Rapid shutdown NEC 2017
    - Integrated sunspec-certified transmitter RSD receiver
    - APSmart manual inverter bypass switch

    **General Data**

    - Dimensions: 221.87*34.88*8.62 in (555.5*866*219mm)
    - Weight: 89.59 Ibs (40.64 kgs)
    - Mounting: Wall mount
    - Transformerless operation
    - Temperature range: -13 °F to 140 °F (-25°C to 60°C)
    - Ingress protection: TYPE 4X (IP66)
    - Compliance: UL 1741, UL 1741 SA, UL 1741 SB, UL9540, IEEE 1547-2018, IEEE 1547.1-2020, UL 1699B, UL 1998, California Rule 21, HECO Rule 14H, NEC 690.12-2020, CAN/CSA C22.2107.1-1, FCC Part 15 Class B
    - Generator support

    - Operating temperature: -4 °F to 122 °F (-20C to 50C)
    - Operating humidity: Up to 100%, condensing
    - Maximum elevation: 3000m (9,843 ft )
    - Environment: Indoor and outdoor rated
    - Enclosure type: NEMA 3R

    **Compliance & Certificates**
    - Certifications: UL67, UL1741 PCS, UL869A, UL916
    - Emissions: FCC Part 15, ICES 003

    - Dimensions: 35.4 x 22.2 x 9.45in (900 x 565 x 240mm)
    - Weight: 55 lbs (25 kg)
    - Mounting options: Wall mount





    Avalon HV BMS & Battery

    • Ultra-thin space-saving design
    • 14.7 - 29.4 kWh (scalable up to 78.33 kWh)
    • Sealed IP65 rated enclosure protects against dust, water, and humidity
    • Active heating & cooling temperature management for outdoor installs
    • 8,000+ cycle life with tier 1 automotive grade Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery
    • Modular design that is easily stackable and expandable
    • Easy installation & logistics


    • Battery modules: 3, 4, 5, 6
    • Nominal voltage (V): 144, 192, 240, 288
    • Operation voltage range (V): 119.25 ~ 157.5, 159 ~ 210, 198.75 ~ 262.5, 238.5 ~ 315
    • Nominal capacity (Ah): 102
    • Nominal energy (kWh): 14.7, 19.6, 24.5, 29.4
    • Nominal charge/discharge current (A): 50
    • Maximum units in parallel: 4
    • Warranty (years): 10
    • Cycle life @ EOL 70%: 8,000
    • Communication protocol: CAN
    • Weight: 302 lbs (137 kg), 392.4 lbs (178 kg), 482.8 lbs (219 kg), 573.2 lbs (260 kg)
    • Size (LxHxD): 43 x 28.15 x 10.96 in (1092 x 715 x 278.4 mm), 43 x 34.72 x 10.96 in (1092 x 881.8 x 278.4 mm), 43 x 41.3 x 10.96 in (1092 x 1049 x 278.4 mm), 43 x 47.87 x 10.96 in (1092 x 1215.9 x 278.4 mm)
    • Ingress protection: IP65
    • Operation temperature: Charge: 0°C to 50°C, Discharge: -20°C to 55°C
    • Certifications: UL1973, UL9540. UL9540A, CEC, SGIP, AC156
    • Transportation classification: UN3480, Class 9.


    *Avalon Smart Energy Panel*


    • Electrical connections: Smart load control, EV charging, AC coupling, generator, non-backup lug connections included
    • Accessories: Main breaker Eaton CSR2200N, PCS inverter grid breaker (included) NDB2T-63, PCS inverter backup breaker Eaton BR260orBR2125, other system components based on component spec, hold down kit Eaton X-IQ-NA-HD-200A with screws.

    - AC voltage: 120/240 V
    - Feed-in type: Split phase
    - Grid frequency: 50/60 Hz
    - Current rating: 200 A
    - Max input short circuit current: 10 kA
    - Overcurrent protection device: 100 - 200A; service entrance rated
    - AC meter: Non-RGM is standard, Revenue Grade Meter is optional
    - Primary connectivity: Ethernet / WiFi / Bluetooth
    - User interface: Fortress App
    - Backup transition: Automatic transfer for backup
    - Expandability: Supports up to 3 Avalon HV hybrid inverters, up to 35 kW load
    - Warranty: 10 years






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