Morningstar Meter Hub, (HUB-1)

Morningstar Meter Hub, (HUB-1)

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    Morningstar Meter Hub

    Morningstar’s MeterHub (HUB-1) allows multiple Morningstar products to communicate over a Meterbus network to provide improved data monitoring, additional capabilities and lower system cost. It enables multiple controllers to share a single TriStar meter and display both single controller data (TriStar #1, TriStar #2) as well as aggregated data for the entire system.

    The MeterHub allows up to 15 Morningstar products on a single MeterBus network. The product electrically isolates devices that supply power to the network, preventing damage to the network in the event of grounding problems. Five status LED’s indicate the proper network connection to each port. The MeterHub is suitable for either wall or DIN rail mounting.


    • SunSaver-MPPT
    • TriStar
    • TriStar-MPPT
    • TriStar Meter-2
    • TriStar Remote Meter-2
    • Relay Driver



    Minimum Isolation (Port 1-4) 500 Volts
    Self-Consumption (Per Port) 8 mA
    Operational Temperature -40°C to +85°C
    Dimensions 5.3 x 4.3 x 1.5 inch
    Weight 0.19 kg / 0.41 lbs.
    Port Connections RJ-11, Gold Plated
    Compatible DIN rail  35 mm standard 
    Warranty 5-Years



    MPN: IA9062

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