400W Hyundai HiS-S400YH(BK) Monocrystalline Solar Panel - 132 Half-Cell Black-on-Black for Optimal Efficiency

400W Hyundai HiS-S400YH(BK) Monocrystalline Solar Panel - 132 Half-Cell Black-on-Black for Optimal Efficiency

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    Introducing Hyundai Dual Black Max Solar Modules at SolarMyPlace

    Overview of Hyundai YH Series Solar Modules

    At SolarMyPlace, we are proud to offer the Hyundai Dual Black Max solar modules from the YH series, including models HiS-S400YH(BK), HiS-S405YH(BK), and HiS-S410YH(BK). These advanced solar panels are designed to deliver superior power generation even in low light conditions, ensuring consistent energy production throughout the day.

    Key Features and Benefits

    Enhanced Power Generation:

    • Low Light Performance: Optimized for generating more power even in low light conditions.
    • Bifacial Cells: The bifacial design captures light from both the front and back, increasing total power output by up to 25% depending on system design.


    Durability and Strength:

    • Robust Construction: Featuring tempered glass and a reinforced frame, these modules withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy snow loads (5,400Pa) and strong winds (5,400Pa).
    • Anti-LID / PID: Significant reduction in Light Induced Degradation (LID) and Potential Induced Degradation (PID) ensures higher actual yield over the module's lifetime.


    Warranty and Certification:

    • 25-Year Warranty: Hyundai provides a reliable 25-year product warranty covering materials and workmanship, along with a 25-year performance warranty ensuring 98% output in the first year and a linear degradation of 0.54% annually, guaranteeing 85% output up to 25 years.
    • Certified Quality: These modules are UL61730 certified by UL, ensuring compliance with rigorous safety and performance standards.

    Technical Specifications

    • Nominal Output: Available in 400W, 405W, and 410W models.
    • Module Efficiency: Up to 20.5% efficiency, enhanced by half-cut technology and 9 thin wiring technology.
    • Dimensions: 75.7 in (L) x 40.9 in (W) x 1.3 in (H) (1924mm x 1038mm x 32mm).
    • Weight: Approximately 46.5 lbs (21.1 kg).
    • Cell Type: Mono-crystalline with 9 busbars.
    • Operating Temperature: Ranges from -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C).

    Installation and Safety

    • Qualified Installation Required: Only qualified personnel should perform installation or maintenance.
    • Safety Precautions: Handle with care to avoid damaging the rear surface of the module and avoid installation when the modules are wet.


    Why Choose SolarMyPlace for Hyundai Solar Modules?

    SolarMyPlace is committed to providing high-quality solar solutions that meet your energy needs. As an authorized dealer of Hyundai Energy Solutions, we ensure you receive the best products and customer service. Established in 1972, HD Hyundai Group is a Fortune 500 company and a trusted leader in the heavy industries sector. Hyundai Energy Solutions, as a core entity, is dedicated to innovation and excellence in renewable energy, providing high-quality photovoltaic products to over 3,000 customers worldwide.


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