SMA Sunny Boy Storage Automatic Backup Unit (SBS-ABU-200-US-10)

SMA Sunny Boy Storage Automatic Backup Unit (SBS-ABU-200-US-10)

MPN: IV2003
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    Sunny Boy Storage Automatic Backup Unit

    The Sunny Automatic Backup Unit SBS-ABU-200-US-10 is a single phase 5kW, AC-coupled battery inverter. Its 200 Amp rated bus allows for large panels to be connected to it. This type of inverter sometime also known as power inverter or hybrid inverter. The Sunny Boy Storage is design in such a way that in integrate your existing grid-tied PV system with power back-up. It can be used with industry-leading, high-voltage batteries and on-grid systems.

    The AC-coupled architecture will enable easy installation with three individual battery inputs. It is suitable for many cases including whole house backup or connected to a protected loads panel. With the most cost effective, versatile and innovative residential storage the SMA Sunny Boy Storage Automatic Backup Unit come extremely useful during grid power failure and secure power supply during both day and night.

    Some Key Features & Advantage:

    • 200 Amp rated bus for large panels
    • Secure Power Output 5kW
    • Transformer-less Inverter
    • Maximum efficiency 97.5%
    • Arc-fault protection
    • Integrated DC Disconnect
    • Easily connected to the internet via Ethernet/WLAN through Web-connect
    • Can be monitored through the SMA Sunny Portal


    AC Frequencies : 60 Hz
    Capacity: 5 kW
    Certifications: UL 1741
    Dimensions: 19.69 in x 27.56 in x 9.84 in
    Maximum DC input current: 50 Amp
    Operating Temperature: -25 °C to 55 °C
    SKU: IV-SBS-ABU-200-US-10
    Weight: 60 kg (133 lb.)
    AC Voltages : 240 V
    CEC Efficiency: 96%
    Continuous AC Power Output : 5kVA
    Max Operating Voltage: 240 V / 120 V
    MPN: IV2003
    Recommended PV Input (STC) : 7700 W
    Warranty: 10 Years

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